Concerts at the Commons

Concerts at The Commons: Celebrating the diversity of local musicians and inviting in some of the worlds best touring artists, Concerts at the Commons creates a warm intimate setting where the music is the star and our community is our audience. From blues to bluegrass, Celtic and Americana, jazz and country, rock and classical, we host a wide range of musical flavors, including your favorite artists and others that will grow on you as you expand your musical taste buds. We have a potluck before most every show to share a meal with the band and every concert is family friendly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I buy art at a concert?
Yes, you can buy art before or after the concert!

What should I bring for the potluck?
You can bring any dish you would like to the potluck–an entree, appetizer, dessert, or drink.

Can I bring my children?
Well-behaved, supervised children are welcome and encouraged. 

Where can I park?
Parking is available on both sides of Bishop Hill Rd, Bergland St, and any of the other nearby streets.

Is alcohol permitted?
Yes, it’s BYOB. Bring whatever you want to drink or stop in at The Colony Inn across the street and grab a drink.

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