Weddings, Conferences, Special Events, and Gathering Place: The Commons is the largest, easily accessible rental space in Bishop Hill. We are open to hosting all manner of social events from family gatherings to wedding receptions. We can arrange catering, provide tables and chairs, and facilitate entertainment, becoming your one stop shop for any event. With a variety of rental spaces available, Bishop Hill can now host larger conferences with a wider range of spaces for simultaneous meetings. With the Colony School’s full kitchen and the Dairy Building’s proximity, we can help you rent multiple rooms for a variety of programs.
As an open and active community center we provide a comfy, cozy place for folks to rest and relax. With free-wifi, a few couches and small tables, visitors are welcome to lounge during their busy days in Bishop Hill. We offer water, natural sodas, milk, and pre-packaged organic snacks. We have two bathrooms, a baby-changing table in the bathroom and a discreet place for nursing mothers, all with the pointed aim of making Bishop Hill more child friendly.